How to enjoy Ústí

Chateau Velké Březno 26.11.2019

15-minutes drive. What does really surprise you near Ústí nad Labem? Magical Chateau Velké Březno!

Doubravka castle 19.11.2019

20-minutes drive. Are you interested in exploring Teplice city? Don‘t forget to visit a beautiful view point between Krušné hory mountains and České středohoří – Doubrava hill with Doubravka castle.

Střekov view 22.12.2019

9-minutes drive / 50-minutes walk by foot. Do you want to experience some unworldliness? Is 284 m a.s.l. high enough? We wish you a pleasant view.

Dominican monastery 17.12.2019

3-minutes drive / 15-minutes walk by foot. Dominican Monastery was build more than 400 years ago. Have you ever met any dominican monk during your studies?

Trmice castle 12.11.2019

8-minutes drive / 1 hour walk by foot. Are you a railway or mining enthusiast? Visit Trmice castle, located just a short walk from Kolej Jinak.

Vaňovská skála 10.12.2019

14-minutes drive. Vaňov rock, Elisabeth‘s view, Čertovka, Čertova stěna – this magical place near Ústí nad Labem has that many names.

Castle garden Teplice 03.12.2019

25-minutes drive. Do you need to recharge before exams? The garden by Teplice castle (museum these days) has been here for 400 years and is an ideal place for relax.

Castle ruins Hazmburk 05.11.2019

30-minutes drive. If you´re roaming around České středohoří mountains, you can‘t miss its „king“ - castle ruins Hazmburk.

Hrad Střekov 01.11.2019

9-minutes drive / 54 minutes walk by foot. Excellent date tip for the brave ones.

Masaryk lock 29.10.2019

5-minutes drive / 45-minutes walk by foot. Do you admire the art of engineering? If your answer is yes, take a walk to Masaryk´s lock located under the mysterious Střekov castle.

Municipal Museum of Ústí nad Labem 22.10.2019

1-minutes drive / 5-minutes walk by foot. Fancy some culture? It‘s time to get to Municipal Museum of Ústí nad Labem, situated in the city centre.

Tiské stěny sandstone rocks 15.10.2019

30-minutes drive. Do you miss romantic? Visit Tiské stěny sandstone rocks.

Ústí ZOO 08.10.2019

5-minute drive / 30-minute walk by foot. Explore the animal kingdom! Read more

Forum - shopping mall 11.09.2019

5-minute drive / 10-minute walk. Let´s go shopping! It’s just round the corner. Read more

Vaňov Waterfall 11.09.2019

10-minute drive / 2-hour walk. There are many interesting places in Ústí nad Labem that are worth a visit. Read more

Větruše chateau 11.09.2019

10-minute drive / 30-minute walk. Relax and set off for the romantic Větruše chateau. Read more