Price list valid from 1. 7. 2022​

Student accommodation

Price during the acad. year (apartment 3-6) 4.500 CZK / month
Price during the acad. year (apartment 1-2) 5.000 CZK / month
Price per night for a visiting person 400 CZK / person
Refundable deposit 1 month rent / person
Storno fee 30 days before the start of 50 % of the monthly rent
  14 days before the start of 100 % of the monthly rent

* For accommodated students throughout the year when occupying the entire room, i.e. 2 beds (bed linen not included)


Short – term accommodation

Price of short-term accommodation 800 CZK / room
 - Check IN starts at 4 PM
 - Check OUT before 10 AM
Cancellation fee no


Services and fees

Washing machine without detergent from 1.11.2019 80 CZK
Washing machine with detergent 1.11.2019 100 CZK
Dryer from 1.11.2019 40 CZK / 40 min
Iron + ironing board, vacuum cleaner 100 CZK / day
Linen rental no
TV cable connection (68 channels) 150 Kč / apartment / month
Pet in the room no*
Cellar space 100 CZK / month
One-off cleaing service upon request 500 CZK
Window cleaning service 300 CZK / window
Cleaning service (every started hour) 150 CZK
Maintenance work (every started hour) 200 CZK
Entry chip 200 CZK
Insurance no
False fire alarm fee 1.000 CZK
Fire alarm tempering fee 1.000 CZK
Security service intervention 1.500 CZK / Alarm

*Available based on mutual agreement.


Other fees

Any loss or damage caused at Kolej Jinak is to be charged at the current cost of repair or refurbishment.


Other Payments

Cancellation made more than 30 days before the start of your stay 1.000 CZK
Booking cancellation within 30 days before arrival to the accommodation; 3.000 CZK
Booking cancellation without check-in 3.000 CZK*
Late payment of the rent 10 CZK per every day of delay
Less serious violation of the rules of accommodation 500 CZK
Repeated or serious violation of the rules of accommodation 1.000 kč + conditional eviction from premises
Unannouced accommodation of a foreign person in the room 2.000 CZK
Premature end of stay 2 months notice period
Neprovedení úklidu při zániku ubytování 3,000 CZK/ apartment
Room not made vacant on departure date monthly rent

* Cancellation fee applies to discounted and standard“ accommodation for which refunable deposit has been paid.


Use of appliances owned by residents

It is possible to use your own electric appliances, but these must comply with safety standars. Each owner of an appliance is responsible for its safety.

Prohibited appliances

  • Fridge without energy efficiency class tag

  • Heater

  • Fryer

  • appliances with power input over 2000W