Ústí ZOO

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5-minute drive / 30-minute walk by foot

Spice up your stay in Ústí nad Labem and explore the animal kingdom. The Ústí nad Labem Zoo can be found in a natural setting on the slope of the Mariánská rock. In the zoo area you can visit the entire world and see several unique animal species such as the Bornean Orangutan, Amur Leopard, White Rhinoceros, Bald Deer or the Somali Donkey. Be sure to check out the regular programme to see the commented feeding of your favorite animals. Elephants are also one of the highlights here. Do you know all of their tricks? Come and see for yourself.

Sometimes, you can even meet them walking around the zoo with a guide. When you get hungry, visit the zoo restaurant for a tasty meal. If you feel tired, take a ride on the zootrain and wave the happy animals goodbye.