Tip na místo - Fantova kavárna 29.06.2020

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Autokoncerty 20.05.2020

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Autokino Ústí 01.05.2020

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Chraňte se! 01.04.2020

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Registrace do Prádelny Jinak 06.03.2020

Pro všechny ubytované na Koleji Jinak máme registraci zdarma a 50 Kč k tomu na první praní! Read more

Farmářské trhy na Mírovém náměstí 20.02.2020

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Prádelna Jinak 26.01.2020

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Výstava na UJEP 29.11.2019

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collaboration with T-CLUB 03.10.2019

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We are offering accommodation (not just) for students in six newly refurbished apartments in the centre of Ústí nad Labem. Read more

OPENING AT LAST! 04.09.2019

Our doors our open, come stay with us! Read more

New website 03.09.2019

We just launched a new website Kolej Jinak! Read more